Aaron "The Hoff" Hoffman

Co-Founder and Master of Sauce, Aaron is the prodigy behind our unparalleled products. After years of experimentation, Aaron’s eureka moment came while in his kitchen developing the best hot sauce ever crafted by mankind. Knowing full well everyone around the world needed to experience his creation, he began his mission to spread the gospel of Hoff across the globe. To this day Aaron continues to produce fine sauces and seasonings that cannot be replicated by mortal men. After all he is (wait for it)… THE HOFF!  


Michelle "Pepper" Hoffman

Co-Founder and Señorita of Sauce, Pepper is an unstoppable force that has elevated H&P to where it is today. Managing production, accounting, marketing and everything in between, this Señorita keeps it muy caliente! In 2017 she became the full time leader of the pack while providing consultant services for AVA to wrap up her final 4 Bridges Arts Festival. In short, Pepper has gotten us where we are and is getting us where we're going.  


Asher "I know that's right" Hoffman

Joining Hoff & Pepper full time in early 2017, The Hoff's younger brother has made a big impact. While managing the sales department and leading research & development, Asher spends his free time bottling sauce to the sweet sounds of trap rap. Already making big advancements in both production and sales, we are thrilled Asher has joined the H&P team. Oh, and he says, "I know that's right" A LOT. 



Katie "Pepper Pop'N" Rushcamp

Katie joined Hoff & Pepper part-time in 2017 to assist with production. If you have a bottle of our sauce right now, more than likely she made it pretty for you! Now full-time in 2018, she has her hands in everything...literally. Katie's versatility and attention to detail is only surpassed by her unique ability to get the team laughing. We love our Pepper Pop'er and couldn't do what we do without her.